A story 20 years in the making

Icons aren't made overnight. The 2021 GR Supra carries forth a legacy that goes back 40 years, and it's a legacy we don't take lightly. It was imperative to take the time to make it not only something that honors its heritage, but also, just like its predecessors, becomes its generation's leading definition of performance. Supra is the sports car we've been dreaming about for a long...long time, and its creation was a true labor of love. This is the story of the 2021 GR Supra.

Designing the dream

Car designers get into the business with the dream of designing a sports car. The team at Toyota's Calty Design Research center was no different. But rather than wait for an official brief to create a sports car, the designers at Calty went and made one on their own, and on their own time. Their inspiration: What if the Supra line hadn't stopped after the A80? How would Supra have evolved? And what might it look like today? Their design: the stunning FT-1 concept.

″Toyota lovers are waiting for the Supra. I think we need a Supra story again.″- Akio Toyoda, President, Toyota Motor Corporation

From Concept to Reality

The global reception to the Toyota 86, as well as the FT-1 concept, proved that the public still carried a deep love for Toyota sports cars. Toyota Motor Company (TMC) in Japan, with the guidance of Akio Toyoda, confirmed that the time was right to bring back the Supra. It's one thing to create a dream concept; creating a sports car for production is an entirely different beast. Many platforms, powertrains and even exterior designs would have to be analyzed to ensure they were worthy of the Supra badge. And to do this, TMC assembled a sports car dream team.

Racing is in our D.N.A.

Before he was the global president of Toyota Motor Company, master driver Akio Toyoda created GAZOO Racing to fuel his passion for motorsport. Much like his grandfather, Toyota founder Kiichiro Toyoda, Akio recognized that the extreme conditions of motorsports help reveal the true potential of a vehicle. Racing is key to Toyota's mission of creating ever-better cars for the road, and the lessons learned on the racetrack help us develop production cars that stir the soul with every turn of the wheel.

Chief Engineer

A fan of racing—and fast Toyotas—from his youth, Tetsuya Tada joined Toyota Motor Corporation in 1987, when he immediately set about creating a rally-inspired ABS system. Studying under the tutelage of Toyota master engineers, Tada-san learned not only how to make cars perform, but also how to ensure they would work in harmony with the people who drove them. Tada went on to lead the development of the GT86 before following up with his dream project: the 2021 GR Supra.

Project Chief Designer

Inspired by the Italian super cars that took over Japanese pop culture in the late 1970s, Nobuo Nakamura decided early on that car design was his life's calling. Having spent decades at Toyota—which included a stint imagining concept cars at Calty—Nakamura-san sought to bring an emotional connection to the 2021 GR Supra. Through his vision, he helped ensure that this pure sports car is as captivating to look at as it is to drive.


What makes a Supra, a Supra? Some will say it takes an inline-six engine, Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) and a shape like no other. But we all know those features don't even start to tell the full story of Supra. This iconic nameplate has grown to stand for strength. Beauty. Speed. Power. Emotion. It's a sports car that uses those fundamentals of sports cars to create something truly transformative. So when it came time to design the 2021 GR Supra, each and every aspect couldn't just be perfect—it had to be game-changing.

″This project allowed me to pursue my childhood aspiration–to build a great-looking car–in a very pure way.″- Nobuo Nakamura, Project Chief Designer


″There is not one single aspect where we've sacrificed the feeling by prioritizing the specs–you can be certain of that.″- Tetsuya Tada, Chief Engineer


An announcement as big as the return of Supra requires a reveal that's equally as big. The world got its first glimpse of the A90-chassis Supra at the Geneva International Motor Show, with the debut of the GR Supra Racing Concept—a pre-production Supra that had been built to Le Mans Grand Touring Endurance (LM GTE) racing specifications. Then came the Supra Xfinity Series race car—an earth-shaking, TRD-built NASCAR machine. And it was at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan, that the fifth-generation production Supra made its worldwide debut. The buzz: deafening. The subsequent first-drive impressions: overwhelmingly positive. And now, with the car officially hitting the streets, the next chapter of the Supra story is about to begin.

″The 2021 Toyota Supra is here, and it looks glorious.″- Jalopnik